ROSTER:                      2 QB                             2 QB                             2 QB

                                    3 RB                             4 RB                             5 RB

                                    5 WR/TE                       4 WR/TE                       3 WR/TE

                                    2 Kickers                      2 Kickers                      2 Kickers

                                    2 Defenses                    2 Defenses                    2 Defenses


Your Roster can change during the season as long as you maintain 1 of the 3 Rosters listed  above.


STARTING LINE UP CONSISTS OF:                  1 QB                             1 QB

                                                                        2 RB                             1 RB

                                                                        2 WR/TE                       3 WR/TE

                                                                        1 Kicker                        1 Kicker

                                                                        1 Defense                      1 Defense


You may start 2 RB & 2 WR OR 1 RB & 3 WR at any time and switch each week.


POINTS from a starting player:


            Touchdown – 6 points – Anyone rushing or receiving a TD

                                                Anyone on defense picking up a fumble or intercepting a pass for TD

                                                Blocked kick for TD Defence

                                                Returning kickoff or punt for TD Offensive player


            Field Goal -   3 points  - Any field goal made


            Touchdown Pass – 3 points – Any TD pass thrown


            Point after TD – 1 point – Any PAT made


            2 Point Conversion – 2 points – Any rushing 2 point conversion made

                                            1 point – Each for thrower and receiver


            Safety – 2 points – Any safety made by your defense


            Defensive Shut-out – 6 points – Shut-out of your defenses opposing team


Defensive bonus – 1 point for each sack,fumble recovery and interception


STARTING LINE-UPS:  Must be turned into your opponent or the Commish by game time Sunday          

                                        or last week’s line-up will be started for you.  There are 3 instances

                                       where games are played on Thursday (weeks 1,12,13) have the respective

                                    players reported to your opponent or the Commish by kickoff !!!!

                                      The Lineup that is turned in at 1:00 is the final lineup…no changes can be made            

                                       After 1:00 pm!!!




WAIVER MOVES – You may pick-up a player who is not on anyone else’s Roster.  Call the Commish with any waiver

                                requests.  Dead line for waiver requests is Friday 8:00 p.m.  the cost to your Franchise is $2.00

                                for each waiver move.  You must also drop a player from your Team to meet any one of the Leagues

                                Roster requirements.  The player dropped cannot be picked up by another team until all teams know

                                he is available!  If more than one team is interested in a player, the team with the worst record gets

                                the player. The tie-breakers are the team that has scored the fewest points, then head to head, then a

                                coin flip. The weekly waiver deadline is Friday at 8:00 pm. If you need any body for Thursday games

                                it is Wednsday 8:00 pm. If you lose a waiver move to someone else you have an additional day to

                                make that waiver move. Waiver  deadline is the end of our regular season if you do not make the playoffs.

                                 If you do make the playoffs you can make waiver moves for as long as your team is still in the playoffs!                           

                                 If you make a roster move for a player that is already hurt, then you can not put him on ir since you knew

                                 He was hurt when you picked him up. He just takes up a roster spot.


INJURY RESERVE  (IR) – (Read and Understand) – Player must sit out 2 weeks when he is placed on IR.  When a team

                              places a player on IR that team has the first rights to that player when he comes off IR.  If a player is

                              listed as out on the USA Today Injury list, this is considered an IR move and takes precedent over

                              waiver requests.  If two teams want the same player and one team has their player listed as out on

                              the USA Today injury list and the other team is just dropping a player, the then team with the injured

                              player automatically gets the player. If a player is listed as Doubtful or Questionable you can put him

                                on IR, but remember someone listed as out ALWAYS takes priority. Tie- Breakers are the same as    

                                on waiver moves. When the player you put on IR comes off IR, you must take him back, or waive him

                                If you keep the player that you pick up for the injured player you put on IR you may drop any player as

                                long as your roster remains legal and you pay the $2.00 fee.   At the end of the season each team                                

                                needs to give me the 14 keepers that meet the roster requirements  anybody on IR that has not

                                played for an extended period of time and has a serious injury may be protected along with 14

                                others. Remember when a player comes off IR you must take him back or drop him, no trading of

                                these players, they become free agents.



                              The IR deadline is the end of our regular season if you are not in the playoffs and the end of your

                              season if you are in the playoffs.  IR moves must be reported to Commish by Friday 8:00 p.m. same

                              as waiver moves.  In an EMERGENCY situation, IR moves can be made on Sunday, game time.  If

                              the move could have been made anytime earlier, this does not apply.



TRADE DEADLINE – You may make trades with any other Franchise, but your trade must be reported to the Commish!

                              Trade deadline is week #11 – no trades can be made after this date!



TRADES/CONSOLIDATIONS – Any trade or consolidation of teams may be vetoed by the Commish or a simple

                              majority vote of the Owners.



TIE BREAKERS -   At the end of the regular Fantasy Season (13 weeks) if there are any ties that determine the playoff

                              structure in anyway, the following will be used to break the tie:


1.       The team with the highest point average during the regular season.

2.       Head to head.

3.       The team with the best record in their division.

4.       The team that scored the most points in any one game.



PLAYOFFS     -      Weeks #14, 15, and 16 of the NFL season are the Fantasy Playoffs.  7 of the 14 teams will make

                              the Playoffs.  2 division winners (best record gets bye – winner of the other division is #2 seed)

                              then the best record for the last 5 seeds, regardless of division.



MISCELLANEOUS – If anything arises that is not covered in the Fantasy Rules, it shall be decided by the vote of the

                              14 Fantasy Owners.  Majority rules!!   If a 7 – 7 tie a flip of the coin will decide!


                                An owner keeps all the draft picks he trades for, even if it’s more picks than players he needs to draft.


PLAYOFF -  TIE-BREAKERS – After you turn in your starting line-up during the playoffs, the tie-breakers for

ties in the playoffs will be the guy on your bench with the most points.  We will use as many as

needed so keeping a full roster of 14 players can help you out!  Remember that, it is your choice.

If going through the list of players does not break the tie, then the team that averaged the most points

during the regular season, then head to head, then team with best record in their division, then team with

most points in any 1 game during the regular season and playoffs, then a coin flip will decide the winner.


LEAGUE FEE  - The League Fee for the season is $25   Please pay at the Draft.




MONEY BREBREAKDOWN  -                  TOTAL PURSE                  $350.00


                                                                   Superbowl Winner     $139.00

                                                               Superbowl Loser           75.00

                                                               Playoff Losers               43.00

                                                                        (week #15)           43.00

                                                  All other playoff teams                 30.00  {10.00 for each team}

                                        Week #17 Winner            20.00








WEEK #17       -    Every Franchise Owner will pick a Team from all players in the NFL using 1 QB, 1 RB,

                             2 WR, 1 TE, 1 Kicker, 1 Defense and 1 player (any position) for tie breaker.  Winner gets

                           $20 from the “purse”.  Any ties after the Tie Breaker, money will be split.



MONEY – All the waiver money goes toward the Year-end Superbowl Party and to buy the

                           Superbowl Champ his trophy.